Describe What Types of Food I Like

This post is in response to the “My Weigh to Lose Challenge” event.

I enjoy preparing and cooking all of my meals.  My meals are very healthy and tasty, and I truly enjoy them.  Since I follow the Mediterranean diet, my meals are mostly plant-based.

For breakfast, I usually enjoy oatmeal with nuts, fresh or frozen (thawed) fruit, and soy milk.  Every now and then I cook another whole grain like buckwheat or quinoa instead of oatmeal.

I enjoy a handful of nuts for a mid-morning snack.

Lunch is usually broccoli or cooked spinach topped with a tomato sauce that I cook using extra virgin olive oil, tomato puree, onions, celery, and dried herbs and spices.  I include some salmon or poultry and a slice or two of whole wheat bread.  I follow this with yogurt topped with fresh fruit or raisins for dessert.

My afternoon snack is always a couple squares of dark chocolate with some green tea.  Very relaxing.

Then dinner is usually a whole grain pilaf (like brown rice, millet, barley, or bulgur) made with extra virgin olive oil and a variety of spices.  I add beans and two other vegetables, like sweet potatoes and green beans.  I always have fresh fruit for dessert.

There is a lot of variety in my diet.  I always have at least 3 types of nuts handy, plus I sometimes have chia seeds at breakfast.  I buy a variety of fresh and frozen fruit, and I also prepare many types of whole grains.  I also use many types of spice combinations.  I must say though that I look forward to dessert after lunch when I have yogurt with cinnamon and raisins.  That is the treat that I enjoy the most, and it is probably because the raisins are so sweet.


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