My Favorite Reads of the Week

I have read some interesting articles and posts relating to the Mediterranean diet and living healthy.  I though I’d share these in a post and maybe make this a regular feature.

  1. Prolonging the sunshine feeling with the Mediterranean diet – This post describes the features and benefits of the Mediterranean diet along with ideas on how to closely follow it.  I like the ideas on using locally grown produce.
  2. Almonds are your friend – This post discusses the benefits of nuts and seeds.  Focuses on almonds and gives great ideas on how to use them.  This one was quite thorough.
  3. Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk – A short article that summarizes a five-year study on breast cancer risk in women and the Mediterranean diet.  Results showed a 68% reduction in breast cancer risk for women following a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil compared to women on a low fat diet.
  4. Hey Baby … gimme some sugar! – This post is all about watching our sugar intake and looking for hidden sugars in prepared and processed foods.  Presents four pointers to reduce sugar intake.  Watching and limiting added sugar is getting a lot of attention from the scientific community.  Very relevant topic and good post.

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